• U.S. Flag Survival Bracelet
  • U.S. Flag Survival Bracelet

U.S. Flag Survival Bracelet

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This U.S. Flag Survival Bracelet is a great way to show off and celebrate your patriotism!  Made from super strong military spec paracord and an authentic military dog tag.

  • Expedition ready and super cool
  • Contains up to 15 feet of super strong, authentic 550 test military spec paracord
  • Adjustable stainless steel closure is load bearing marine grade stainless steel and is guaranteed to never rust or break
  • Additional break-away safety closure is included
  • Completely waterproof

Survival Strap Bracelets are meant to be used!  If you find yourself in an emergency situation where a strong piece of paracord can be helpful to you or someone else, the makers of Survival Straps encourage you to unravel your bracelet and use it!  If you do use the paracord in an emergency, Survival Straps will send you a replacement for free! 

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